• Lionel Bonnafous

Wind of change at St Ives Travel

My name is Lionel and I am the new owner of St Ives Travel. I am very proud to contribute to the legacy of this leading agency and I look forward to sharing with you the agency’s best insights on where to go, how to get there and what to do at destination.

I have been working in the travel industry since 2011 and have travelled to 50 countries or so. Besides the fun of sightseeing and tasting new wines, I think travelling gives you this new perspective on life. I trust you do too and I hope to see you discover the world further.

On a more practical note, I plan on investing and making a few changes to improve your experience with us and the level of service we provide you:

1. I invite you to check out our new website right away. There, you’ll notice we now have a chat messaging functionality using Facebook Messenger. We made this available to you so we’re easier to reach out to whether you are on your couch or at destination where making a phone call is perhaps too costly or complicated.

2. We are launching a referral program in the next couple of weeks – details coming up soon. We want to reward you for every new client you refer that book with us. In the meantime, we’re trying to build a reputation online. If you are happy with our service, please support us by giving us a review on Google (5 stars welcome 😉 ). To do so, click right HERE.

4. We commit to fewer but better deals. We’ll share with you 2 to 3 special offers a month but we’ll make sure these are the best you can get. Make sure to check our website and newsletter.

5. We are planning a refit of our store in the next few months. The current fit-out is 7 years old and we hope to make it a place that makes you inspired and comfortable.

Enjoy your day! If you want to say hello, come find me at the back of the store or you can email me at lionel@stivestravel.com.au. Feedback is welcome.


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