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Updated May 7th 2021

  • Interstate travel is unrestricted but that can temporarily change as states reintroduce restrictions such as border closures and/or quarantine measures during outbreaks. Please refer below for more details.

  • International travel is banned although exemptions can apply. The Trans-Tasman travel bubble allows travel to and from New Zealand from April 19th 2021. Please refer below for more details.

Disclaimer - The information contained in this udpate is not meant to be exhaustive or accurate. Travellers should verify the restrictions that apply to them specifically as detailed on relevant state government websites.

  • Interstate travel restrictions change regularly as Covid19 outbreaks occur. Travel bans, quarantine or self-isolation may be in place and we strongly encourage you to check the latest travel updates relevant to you up to the day of your departure or return.​ To do so, click on your destination state: 


  • We recommend you talk to us or your airline/operator of choice regarding conditions of carriage that apply to you for a smooth travel experience.

  • Finally note that face masks are currently mandatory in all Australian airports and on domestic flights excluding children 12 and under or those with particular exemptions.

  • Quarantine free travel between Australia and New Zealand starts on 19 April 2021. 


  • All travellers who have been in either Australia or New Zealand for 14 days can travel by air between Australia and New Zealand quarantine free, without the need to apply for a travel exemption.


  • All people residing in Australia or New Zealand (including foreign nationals) can use quarantine free travel, as long as they meet standard immigration, customs and biosecurity entry requirements apply.

  • Any change in the COVID-19 situation in Australia and New Zealand could lead to pausing or suspending quarantine free travel arrangements without notice. You are responsible for managing any disruption to your travel plans, including  if your return to Australia is delayed.


  • Check the status of the travel bubble by clicking this link:


  • International travel other than to New Zealand is currently banned for Australian citizens & permanent residents unless you benefit from an exemption for the following reasons:

    • your travel is as part of the response to the COVID-19 outbreak, including the provision of aid 

    • your travel is essential for your business/employer

    • you are travelling to receive urgent medical treatment that is not available in Australia

    • you are travelling outside Australia for three months or longer

    • you are travelling on compassionate or humanitarian grounds 

    • your travel is in the national interest.

  • You can apply for an exemption by lodging your application online: ​


  • Temporary visa holders & visitors do not require exemption to leave Australia, but will need one to return.

  • All passengers arriving into Australia are required to pay for their own government-directed quarantine, except for those arriving from New Zealand who are not required to quarantine as part of the ‘Trans Tasman travel bubble’ agreement.